Open letter

Dear Customers and Partners

HSD Investment and Development Co., Ltd Wish customers and partners good luck, advantages and success in business

Ladies and gentlemen

HSD Investment and Development Company Limited with nearly 5 years of operation and development in the field of import and export - Trade in goods between the two markets Vietnam and Japan. HSD has affirmed its reputation and brand name by delivering quality products at competitive prices to customers.

Currently, HSD Investment and Development Company Limited is operating and developing in the following fields:
- Export-Import industry
- Trade in goods
- Customs declaration

We are a team of highly qualified, professional and solid staff with long working experience. Moreover, with complete and modern facilities and above all CUSTOMER BENEFITS, we are committed to providing our partners and customers with good quality services and products. Therefore, we have become a very reliable partner of many domestic and international customers during the process of formation and development. We really want and hope your partners use our resources to become your business advantages and we look forward to working with you more in the coming journey.

Once again, HSD Investment and Development Co., Ltd would like to send our thanks and best wishes to our valued customers. Come with us, you will be satisfied.


In HSD, depending on each specific position, there will be separate mandatory standards, but all members meet the requirements: professional qualifications, determination to develop career, a sense of responsibility. and high discipline.

Managers at the Company are those who fully bring into play the core values ​​of HSD: "Tin - Tam - Tri - Speed ​​- Tinh - Nhan", expressing enthusiasm, firm courage, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, has the ability to organize and manage well. For senior management positions, the recruitment requirements are quite strict with mandatory standards of work experience, logical ability, quick judgment, effective problem solving and analysis. Those members form a strong team with the same goal as the overall development of the company.

HSD staff members always have a drastic and creative initiative in their work under the guidance of a team of responsive leaders, capable of corporate governance, both flexibly and methodically, creating reputation and level of HSD in the market.

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, HSD people always have a culture with their own identity. That culture is full of humanity, love, discipline; was built and nurtured with the wisdom and ceaseless creativity of the staff.

Through a long journey of growth and development, HSD people have created good values, contributing to the success of the Company today.


Import and store, manage Import - Export - Inventory


The office headquarters are located at The Terra An Hung building, To Huu, Ha Dong, Hanoi.

HSD's offices are impressed by the perfection in every detail, with fresh creativity and personality, at the same time creating its own highlight of the brand. With the open design of office furniture, full of modern amenities, it has created a large space, minimizing cumbersome details and using the most basic and necessary items. As a result, employees always feel comfortable, comfortable, do not feel restrained or feel pressured at work.



HSD Company